ZAO Bakery Plant Khlebozavod No. 28

Bakery Plant Khlebozavod No. 28 specialises in bakery and confectionery products.

About the company

The company has been producing bakery and confectionery products since September 1994. Its industrial facilities occupy a total area of more than 17,500 sq. m., and investment related to acquisition, creation and modernisation of production has reached RUB 373.7 m over the past 5 years. Khlebozavod No. 28 employs 619 people.


Every day, the company produces 152,200 tonnes of bakery products from high-grade flour, as well as rye-wheat, floury and sugary confectionery, layered pastry products and sliced loaves. The raw materials used are thouroughly inspected at the plant’s laboratory to ensure compliance with the GOST.The company’s products are sold by retail chains and big supermarkets, as well as retail outlets. 

Measures of support from the Moscow City Government

The company has been cooperating with the Moscow City Government for a long time, regularly taking part in government programmes for supporting investors. Thus, Khlebozavod No. 28 has been granted the status of an industrial complex as part of the mechanism to support the real sector, which was launched in 2016. The application for the status was submitted via the Moscow Investment Portal. The company points out the efficient organisation of cooperation: the Moscow City Government officials responded quickly to problems arising in the process of obtaining the status.  

Production development

The strategy of Khlebozavod No. 28 is aimed at expanding the product range adapted to the needs of the consumers, developing new types of pastry and dietary products. In the future, the company plans to launch a robotised line of dough making and dough process, lines for production of sliced loaves, a complex of equipment for transportation and forced cooling using a spiral cooler for bread (sliced loaf) and other systems and devices.

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