OOO Titan Power Solution, resident of Technopark Slava

OOO Titan Power Solution (ООО TPS) is an innovative engineering company, founded in 2014, that specialises in the design of technical solutions and practical use of supercapacitor technology in various industries.

Since its inception, OOO TPS has been located at AO Technopark Slava, whose administration has provided comprehensive support and assistance to the innovative business.  

In 2014, OOO TPS submitted an application and obtained a subsidy under a programme for supporting beginning entrepreneurs, which was provided by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow.

Technopark Slava employees regularly and timely provide up-to-date information about various grants, competitions and festivals organised by the Moscow City Government. 

OOO TPS has developed, certified and serially produces Titan Engine Start, a supercapacitor-based system for starting internal combustion engines, which has no analogues in Russia and is competitive on the world market. 

This product has already received high appraisal from both Russia’s innovative community and consumers: in 2014, the company won the award “Time of Innovations” as the best innovative project. 

A number of Russian manufacturers of off-road equipment, such as Severny Vezdekhod and Arctic Trucks, have already included the Titan Engine Start supercapacity systems in their assembly.    

In 2015, OOO TPS signed an agreement with Russia’s leading automobile university MAMI (Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering) to cooperate in the sphere of practical use of supercapacitor-based systems and solutions in the automotive industry.    

Apart from the automotive theme, OOO TPS is currently also working actively in other areas, in the first place, high-voltage use of supercapacitors. These include systems for the recuperation and accumulation of energy of hybrid and electric vehicles, systems for compensation of the impulse capacity for electric engines, X-ray systems and other consumers of impulse energy, uninterruptable power supply, etc.     

In 2015, OOO TPS and the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute (FGUP VEI) signed an agreement to cooperate in high-voltage use of supercapacitors in the energy and other industries.

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