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Key advantages for investors:
  • Moscow's rich historical and cultural heritage.
  • Potential for event tourism development: Many business, cultural, sports and other events with growing popularity among Moscow residents and guests are held in Moscow. Moscow is preparing to host a special event, namely World Cup 2018. The number of festival visitors is steadily growing, with 58 million people in 2016, and 62 million people forecast for 2017. In 2017, the tourist consumption and festival sites turnover made about 678 bn RUB.

    Number of visitors to the Moscow Seasons urban festivals in 2016, m.
  • High transport accessibility: 5 international airports, 9 railway routes, 17 federal highway routes.
  • A developed financial infrastructure, a large selection of hotels of different categories, catering facilities, medical aid points.
  • A growing tourist flow, including international tourists attracted by Moscow price advantages.

Moscow's attractiveness for tourists is confirmed by international and Russian ratings. In particular, the National Geographic experts included Moscow in the rating of the seven leading tourist destinations in the world in 2017. Lonely Planet, the developer of the world's most popular travel guides, has included Moscow in the top 10 ranking of the cities to visit in 2017. Moscow ranks fourth in the Culture and Tourism Digitalization rating by PricewaterhouseCoopers published in July 2017.

According to the Yandex search engine, Moscow tops the list of Russian cities associated with the highest number of search requests concerning domestic and inbound tourism. Among Russian cities, Moscow is definitely No. 1 in the National Tourist Rating, with the Moscow sights topping the top 100 rating of Russian tourist brands.

The events of the Moscow Seasons festival are annually held in Moscow. In 2016, these were attended by 55 million people, and according to some estimates, the number of visitors will reach 62 million in 2017. According to forecasts, Moscow will be visited by more than 21 million tourists in 2017.

Number of tourist arrivals
Source: Moscow State Program "Development of Urban Environment"
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Year Number of international arrivals, m
2010 15,1
2011 15,4
2012 15,5
2013 16,4
2014 16,50
2015 17,2
2016 17,40
Key advantages for the city:
  1. Increasing the number of tourists.
  2. Creating additional jobs in the tourism industry (hotels, tourist service companies).
  3. Increasing the popularity of Moscow as a cultural, tourist and business center.
  4. Increasing the tourist industry contribution to the city economy.
Number of museum visits in Moscow, m

Source: Federal State Statistics Service of Russia
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Most popular cities of Instagram, 2017

Source: Instagram
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City Most popular cities of Instagram, 2017
New York 1
London 2
Moscow 3
Sao Paolo 4
Paris 5
Los Angeles 6
St. Petersburg 7
Jakarta 8
Istanbul 9
Barcelona 10
Priority areas for private investment:
  • Reconstruction and construction of new 3 - 5 stars hotels
Support measures
  • Property tax benefits for hotels that accommodate offices, retail points and other related infrastructure.
  • Subsidies to reimburse the expenses for holding events in the field of interregional cooperation, national policy, relations with Russian Cossacks and Moscow religious organizations (up to 85% of event costs).
  • Resolution by the Moscow City Government dated 7 October 2011 No, 476-PP “On approving the State Programme of the City of Moscow ‘Development of the Leisure and Tourism Industry for 2012-2018’”(Sub-programme “Development of Tourism”)
  • Resolution by the Moscow City Government dated 24 December 2012 No. 793-PP (as of  19 July  2016) “On the scheme for locating hotels in the city of Moscow”
  • Resolution by the Moscow City Government dated 28 December 2011 No. 634-PP “On approving the Procedure for granting subsidies from the Moscow budget to companies involved in implementation of events in the sphere of interregional cooperation and national policy with regard to Russian Cossacks and relations with Moscow religious institutions , for the purpose of compensating for some of the expenses related to  preparation, organisation and holding of said events”
Investment initiatives:

If you have your own investment ideas or projects or you want more detailed information on existing Moscow investment projects, please contact the Moscow City Investment Agency.