Key advantages for investors:

Healthcare Cr

  1. The growing market for paid medical services, high effective demand for quality medical services. 
  2. The appeal of the Moscow medical services market not only for Muscovites but also for residents of other Russian regions, especially for high-tech medical services. 
  3. The potential opportunity to re-orientate the flow of outbound medical tourism (treatment at place of residence rather than abroad) with the prospect of inbound medical tourism.   
  4. Availability of high quality workforce, programmes for professional training and re-training of staff.  
  5. Advanced system of support measures for private investors. 
  6. An opportunity to implement projects according to OECD standards as part of the Moscow Medical Cluster.   

Structure of healthcare financing sources in Moscow in 2014-2018.

Source: State programme of the Moscow City Government “Metropolitan Healthcare”.
Key advantages for the city:
  1. Developing competition between private and public segments, rising quality and falling prices. 
  2. Attracting foreign investors to the spheres of healthcare that are insufficiently developed in Moscow. 
  3. Developing neighbourhood medicine with convenient working hours. 
  4. Comprehensive reconstruction of existing facilities, enhancing access for Muscovites to the quality hi-tech services.
Areas for private investment:
  1. Providing hi-tech medical centres
  2. Creating facilities of the International Medical Cluster on the territory of the Skolkovo Innnovation Centre:
    • Medical clinics (including a heart centre, an orthopaedics and trauma centre, a multi-profile rehabilitation centre, etc.)
    • Scientific institutions and laboratories (pharmacy, medical technology)
    • Educational establishments (including programmes for full-cycle education of physicians and medical personnel, clinical residency, advanced training, practical training of how to operate medical equipment, business education, etc.)
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  3. Creating medical institutions close to places of education and work of city residents for providing primary medical care (Doctor Nearby programme).
Support measures:
  • Preferential leasing of municipal property.

For the terms and results of the programme for preferential leasing of municipal property, follow the  link.

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Under the Doctor Nearby programme

Investment initiatives:

If you have your own investment ideas or projects or you want more detailed information on existing Moscow investment projects, please contact the Moscow City Investment Agency.