Key advantages for investors:

Healthcare Cr

  1. The growing market of paid medical services, high effective demand for quality medical services.
  2. The Moscow market of medical services, especially high-tech medical services, which is attractive not only for Moscow citizens, but also for the residents of other Russian regions.
  3. The potential opportunity of reorienting the outbound medical tourist flow (to receive treatment at the place of residence, not abroad), and expanding inbound medical tourism in the future.
  4. Availability of qualified workforce, vocational training and retraining programs.
  5. A developed system of support measures for private investors.
  6. The possibility of implementing projects according to the OECD standards within the Moscow Medical Cluster.

Structure of health care financing sources in Moscow in 2012-2020.

Source: Moscow Government Health Care Program
Key advantages for the city:
  1. Development of the competition between private and public segments, quality growth and price reduction.
  2. Involvement of foreign investors in the Moscow health care sectors, which are not sufficiently developed.
  3. Development of medical facilities within walking distance with a convenient work schedule.
  4. Comprehensive reconstruction of existing institutions, increasing access to quality high-tech health care for Moscow residents.
Areas for private investment:
  1. Creation of high-tech medical centers.
  2. Establishment of the International Medical Cluster facilities within the Skolkovo Innovation Center:
    • Medical clinics (including a cardiology center, orthopedics and traumatology center, a multidisciplinary rehabilitation center, etc.);
    • Scientific organizations and laboratories (pharmaceuticals, medical technologies);
    • Educational organizations (including the full cycle training of doctors and medical personnel, residency, advanced training, practical training in medical equipment operation, business education, etc.). 
      International Medical Cluster. Project information for potential participants
  3. Creation of medical institutions located near the citizens' studying and working places to provide first aid services (the Doctor Nearby program).
Support measures:
  • Preferential leasing of city property.

See the preferential leasing program implementation terms and results here.

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Under the Doctor Nearby programme

Investment initiatives:

If you have your own investment ideas or projects or you want more detailed information on existing Moscow investment projects, please contact the Moscow City Investment Agency.