Moscow priority investment projects

Moscow is one of the world’s largest metropolises with a diversified post-industrial economy. The city creates attractive conditions for doing business and investing in various sectors of the economy: manufacturing, commerce, transport, services, communications, construction, etc.

Even so, the Moscow City Government identifies sectoral priorities in which it has instituted special measures to attract investors, provide support and assistance for investment projects.

The sectoral priorities have been determined taking into account both Investment Strategy of the City of Moscow for the period up to 2025 and the city’s established economic structure. Priority sectors are those that:

  • are promising from the point of view of enhancing Moscow’s international competitive edge and improving living standards (healthcare, education, tourism, developing the urban environment);
  • are “bottlenecks” in Moscow’s development as a metropolis and as the nucleus of the Moscow agglomeration (transport infrastructure, developing the urban environment);
  • contribute significantly to GRP and employment (including socially significant sectors), yet require special measures to increase their efficiency, for modernisation and reducing the impact on the urban environment;
  • are promising from the point of view of import substitution and manufacturing localisation of products in demand by the city and the population;
  • stimulate realisation of the city’s great scientific, educational and innovative high-tech potential;
  • are promising from perspective of increasing exports of goods, work and services with high added value.

This section contains information on priority sectors and their appeal to investors, and on potential projects for which the Moscow City Government creates special incentives and support measures.