Investment climate factors

Moscow is the capital of Russia, a political, financial, economic, scientific, and educational center. Moscow accommodates leading business and financial institutions, representative offices of largest Russian and international companies.

It is the biggest city in Europe, an agglomeration of ca. 20 m people, a huge consumer market in Russia and Eastern Europe, and a investment center as well.

In 2018 Moscow was ranked second among the Russian regions in terms investment climate quality and took the first place in the PPP development ranking for the third consecutive year.

In 2018 the fixed capital investment growth amounted to 107% in comparable prices to 2010. The Moscow share is ca. 14% of the total fixed capital investments in Russia.

The attraction of private investments is intensified by project support measures such as special status assignment, tax preferences, subsidies, and off-set contracts with the Moscow government.

Moscow is intensively developing. The high budget and fiscal capacity along with a low government debt (ca. 1% of GRP) enables large-scale public investments in transport and social infrastructure, education and health care. The 2019-2021 Moscow Targeted Investment Program (MTIP) will amount to RUR 1.6 tn.

The 2018 Moscow budget expenditures were initially estimated as over RUR 2.3 tn or ca. USD 37.3 bn. This indicator makes Moscow one of the world’s largest megapolises.

The Moscow budget investment spending was over RUR 509 bn or USD 8.2 bn in 2018.

This section contains detailed information on key factors of the Moscow investment attractiveness and on separate areas of the Moscow development.