Business support

Public measures of support for businesses and investors of the Moscow City Government are governed by the interests of entrepreneurs and the specific nature of the capital being a unique subject of the Federation.

  • The purpose of support is to discover the entrepreneurial and scientific potential of the residents of the metropolis as much as possible, and to provide a high quality of life.
  • Entrepreneurship. Moscow is a key region with a concentration of small and medium-sized business (here more than 12% of the total number of SME enterprises of Russia are located). The main emphasis of the regional policy of the city is on the development of this segment. At present, every entrepreneur has the possibility to get a wide range of benefits, from consultations and free training programmes to direct financial support.
  • Science and Innovations. Moscow is the major research and innovation centre of Russia. The Government of the city has created an integral infrastructure to support innovative companies: financial support measures, privileged access to the necessary infrastructure in technology parks and science parks, easier access to venture financing, subsidies for obtaining international certificates, access to an extensive package of benefits in the framework of "Zelenograd" SEZ.
  • Competitive manufacturing industry. A set of measures on intensification of existing production facilities and redevelopment of under-utilized industrial zones is aimed at active modernization of the capital’s manufacturing industry (Moscow accounts for about 10% of the manufacturing sector of Russia). In particular, credit rates for purchase of high-tech equipment are partially subsidized, tax and rental benefits are provided for the manufacturers in the automobile industry.
  • Financial infrastructure. A set of measures to support credit institutions through specialized funds is offered by the Government of the city within its authority for the development of Moscow as an international financial centre: the Small Business Credit Assistance Fund of Moscow, the Fund for Promotion of Microfinance Activities, and the Fund for Promotion of Venture Capital Investments.
  • The quality of the urban environment. Attraction of private investments to the areas that are traditionally financed by the state, i.e. transport, health care and education, is stimulated. For that purpose, the city is actively co-operating with the business within the frameworks of PPP projects, as well as providing land plots and premises on favourable terms. Such measures complement the investment programme of the Moscow City Government, most of which is being focused on the development of transport system of the capital.
  • The system of support is constantly developing; the terms and cost of various administrative procedures are reduced. In addition, the support mechanisms themselves are constantly improving. At the moment, such measures as provision of subsidies to employers for advanced training of their employees, as well as preferential rental rates for land plots for efficient industrial enterprises are at the approval stage.