Medical services

Moscow Medicine

One of the Moscow Government priority objectives is to maintain an effective public health system. Moscow medical institutions provide high-level diagnostic and treatment services, offer state-of-the-art equipment and internationally recognized medical professionals, and serve in accordance with international standards and techniques from the world’s leading capitals.

The Moscow Department of Public Health is actively developing volunteer medical activities. In particular, experts from the Youth Council at the Moscow Department of Health are implementing the voluntary information and educational project "YOUNG AND HEALTHY". This project is intended to inform the Moscow citizens about socially significant and non-infectious disease prevention, as well as to arrange events to popularize blood donation and healthy lifestyles among the young.

There are many public and private clinics that can provide high-tech medical care and high-quality medical services for residents and visitors in Moscow.

Foreign nationals receive free first aid and emergency medical services as soon as practicable. Ambulance/emergency medical units can be reached 24/7 by dialing 03. In addition, a call center for foreign tourists is available at 8-800-220-00-02, where you can get advice in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Chinese if you need to call an ambulance.

High-quality elective care may be provided under a voluntary medical insurance agreement or on a paid basis in the event you have no medical insurance. The staff at Moscow clinics speak several foreign languages, most of them can provide documents in Russian and in English.

a foreign national or his/her employer can execute a medical insurance agreement with either a Russian insurance company, or with any foreign insurance company working with Moscow clinics. Usually, upon entering into an agreement with a Russian insurance company, a foreign national is registered with a group of Moscow clinics stipulated in the agreement for certain medical services. Agreements executed with a western insurance company usually include a list of clinics where the insured person may refer to for medical services, or provide for world-wide coverage. The family members of a foreign national may be also insured under an insurance agreement for the period of their Moscow stay. A medical insurance agreement may provide for any type of service including house calls, stomatology, emergency care and hospitalization.

In the event medical insurance is not available or excludes a particular service, a foreign national can receive such service on a paid basis. In that event, payment may be made through any means convenient: in cash or non-cash form, via standard bank cards such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Maestro, etc.

In addition, there are concierge care consulting companies for individuals and entities, offering tailor-made medical examinations, preventive treatment and clinic management, plus worldwide access to leading medical centers and all related concierge care services if required abroad.

On the Moscow City Health Department website you can search for public medical institutions by district and metro station. For private Moscow clinics please visit this page. There you can filter clinics by specialty or type, and locate them on a map. A range of state medical institutions is entitled to render paid services to the general public. A roster of these organizations is published on the website of the Moscow City Health Department.