Regulatory and Actual Impact Assessment

Regulatory and Actual Impact Assessment

Regulatory impact assessment (RIA) and actual impact assessment (AIA) of regulatory legal acts (RLA) are mechanisms for improving the conditions for investing and doing business in Moscow and simplifying administrative procedures. Moscow is among Russia’s leading regions in the practical application of these mechanisms.

Moscow’s RIA is aimed at assessing the regulatory legal acts in force in Moscow, as well as draft acts, and at choosing the best regulatory option among all the alternatives, taking into account the anticipated positive and negative consequences of applying said option.

Unlike the RIA, the AIA is performed when a regulatory legal act has been in effect for some time. The AIA in Moscow is carried out to assess whether the regulatory goals stated when drafting a particular RLA were achieved, to assess the effectiveness of the selected alternative, and to analyse the actual positive and negative consequences of a given regulatory legal act of the Moscow City Government coming into force.

The RIA and AIA also uncover those provisions of regulatory legal acts that result in excessive obligations, prohibitions, restrictions and costs for businesses, investors , other business actors and for the Moscow City budget or are conducive to emergence thereof. The RIA and AIA in Moscow are performed with the participation of the public and of business associations, in order to take the fullest account of expert opinions and to ensure selection of the most effective regulatory option for achieving the goals of state regulation.

This section offers information and statistics on RIA and AIA procedures in Moscow.