RIA and AIA results

Regulatory and Actual Impact Assessment

In 2018, RIA and AIA were conducted in relation to 13 statutory instruments and the drafts of those, including the following: RIA of the Concept for Moscow business incubators creation and development and the draft Decree of the Moscow Government on the approval of subsidies from the Moscow budget to the organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in innovation activities and selling their products abroad; and the AIA of 12 Decrees of the Moscow Government and Orders of the Moscow Government in the fields of trade, industry, agriculture, ecology, transport, security, social support, economy, investments and tariff regulation.

The assessment participants were 7 territorial executive authorities, over 1,500 respondents, including the representatives of public and business associations representing the interests of entrepreneurs, and the Moscow Business Rights Commissioner.

Based on the actual impact assessment results, it was recommended that 7 of 12 statutory instruments should be changed.

In Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development ranking, Moscow belongs in the group of constituent entities of the Russian Federation with the highest quality of regulatory impact assessment.