Project list

Project List

Rudnevo Technopark Investment Priority Project

Technopark for production facilities of construction, aviation, electronic, printing and other industries.

Location of productions facilities

11.1889 hectares of Rudnevo industrial zone (Eastern Administrative District of Moscow)

Planned capital facilities over 76,000 m2


RUR 5.6 bn

Number of jobs

over 1,100

Investment period

5 years

Planned areas of activity


technical tests, researches, analysis and certification;


aircraft manufacture;

construction materials;



equipment manufacture.

Investment Priority Project in Education, Culture and Arts

A new museum ensemble – GES-2 Multi-functional Complex – is to be constructed on the place where one of the oldest waterpower plant in Moscow, a regional cultural resource, used to be located.

Project location

2.2233 hectares:

Bersenevskaya nab. 16, building 5, Moscow, and Bolotnaya nab. 15, Moscow

Planned area: over 35,000 m2


RUR 8 bn

Investment period

4 years

Project description

preservation and adaptation of cultural resource;

restoration of clock tower, GES-2 historical facades and fences;

complete site improvements;

completion of the Patriarch’s pedestrian bridge construction;

river ramp and berth construction on the Bolotnaya naberezhnaya.

Technopark Investment Priority Project

Technopark with modified and new infrastructure elements for innovative businesses in high-tech, competitive and prioritized industries of the Moscow economy.

Location of productions facilities

11.4617 hectares of the Calibr technopark:

ul. Godovikova 9, Moscow

Capital facilities: over 56,000 m2


RUR 2.9 bn

Number of jobs

over 3,000

Investment period

5 years

Planned areas of activity

communications and telecommunications




autonomous transport

additive technologies