Industry support measures

Developing industrial potential and stimulating both innovative manufacturing and R&D is a priority area for Moscow’s investment policies. In 2015–2016, the Moscow City Government developed a mechanism for providing comprehensive support for existing efficient enterprises and technoparks.

The enterprises and organisations that gain the status of an industrial complex, a technopark or an industrial park will pay reduced property tax, profit tax, land tax, lease rates, etc.

The overall tax burden reduction for industrial complexes, technoparks and industrial parks is between 17% and 25%, depending on the status granted.

These support measures ensure creation of highly paid jobs, further development of industrial manufacturing on the city’s specialised territories, and localisation and import substitution.

Currently, the Moscow City Government has granted Industrial Complex status to 36 companies. In addition, 12 companies have been grant Technopark status, 3 companies were granted anchor resident status. Enterprises that have been granted a relevant status occupy a total area of about 287,5 hectares and they employ over 57,000 people. In return, the funds invested by these enterprises over 5 years exceeds RUB 34 bn.

Moreover, prior to 2016, 18 technoparks and 2 technopolises had already been opened in Moscow.