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Industrial development is a priority for Moscow’s economic policy, along with ensuring import substitution and localising production in the city. To realise Moscow’s industrial potential fully, the Moscow City Government has set itself the task of developing vacant land plots, creating a network of innovative infrastructure facilities (technoparks and technopolises) and offering industrial enterprises a broad range of tax benefits and other support measures for maintaining and developing the city’s existing manufacturing and stimulating new business. This section presents information on vacant industrial land plots offered to investors for their projects. Information on every land plot includes its technical and economic characteristics, transport accessibility, infrastructure availability and even approximate utility connection costs. This information allows investors to plan their future expenses and spares them the need to turn to a large number of sources to collect information on the land plot they are interested in.

This section also presents information on Moscow technoparks and technopolises that offer significant tax reductions, reduced lease rates, services and equipment, information and advisory assistance to innovative businesses. There is information on free space in each technopark, on benefits offered, on residents, equipment and services. For investors’ convenience, we provide the option of submitting an online application to locate a business in vacant space in any Moscow technopark or technopolis.

Moscow is the largest technological center of Russia

For investors who already have an industrial manufacturing business in Moscow and for those with industrial investment projects at the inception stage, we offer sections describing the support mechanism for the economy’s real sector for both existing and new investment projects. This section provides detailed information on investor requirements, tax benefits offered and support measures, plus a list of companies that have already joined the support mechanism. For optimising the support mechanism and for investors’ convenience, the portal offers the option of submitting online applications for support measures for existing industrial complexes, technoparks and industrial parks.