Technopark «Krasnoselskiy»

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Krasnoselskiy Technopark is based at the chief fishing industry institute, the All-Russia Research Institute for Fishery and Oceanography (VNIRO).
VNIRO is the only fishing industry institution to be awarded Technopark status. The Institute includes one of the fishing industry’s few molecular genetics laboratories, which focuses its research on determining the species and origins of particularly valuable types of fish. There is an ecological-toxicological research laboratory that works to control, prevent and regulate toxicants getting into the water environment. The VNIRO-Test laboratory successfully applies the latest research methods for analysing the quality and safety indicators of fish food products. In addition, an Aquaculture Centre has been set up at VNIRO to promote scientific and technical development of Russian aquaculture, including of technologies for breeding water bioresources and of feed recipes, and to provide advisory support for aquaculture commercial entities.


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Address 107140, Moscow, Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya St., d. 17

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Phone: +7 (499) 2649387

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