Technopark «Fotonika»

General information

Technopark Fotonika has a floor area of 29,500 sq m, including industrial space, storage areas and research centres for rent. The technopark is also home to a production facility of the Central Research Institute Cyclone, which focuses on the development and production of a wide range of optical devices.

Line of business:
  • The technopark's primary areas of business are consistent with the List of Areas of Business for Residents of a Technopolis, Technology Park or Industry Park PP-492 dated 18 September 2012: Design and production of optoelectronics and microelectronics technologies and products
  • Design and production of innovative materials (for photonics applications)
  • Areas of business in detail: Thermal imaging devices and systems
  • Multispectral systems
  • Range finding technologies
  • Laser technologies
  • Design (development and production)
  • Organic light-emitting displays (OLED)
  • Organic light-emitting materials and products
  • Management software for graphic processing of video image digital stream
  • IR-band photosensors
  • Micromechanics: lens systems, rotational systems
  • 3D printing technologies
  • Materials for thermal imaging and organic electronics applications
  • High-precision machining of optical surfaces
  • Hardware components certification and metrology
  • Instrument trials and testing
  • Spectrum of activities: Mass production
  • Production of prototypes and advanced models
  • Complete design and development cycle
  • Applied research (R&D)
  • There are plans to invite companies working in related fields of Photonics to the technopark, including those functioning in collaboration with Rostec Corporation.


Engineering Infrastructure
Power supply
3.8 MW , 4.20 RUB/kWh; 50 m3/day
Water supply
10.2 Gcal/hr , 26.61 RUB/m3
Security alarm
Security system (guards, CCTV, etc.)
Related infrastructure
  • Cafeteria


Tax incentives for the management company

Concessionary property tax rate: 0

Tax incentives for anchor residents

Concessionary profit tax rate: 13,5%

Equipment and services

  • Elevator servicing
  • Maintenance of heating, water supply, sewer, fire-fighting and power supply systems
  • Indoor renovations
  • Operation and maintenance of clean room utility systems
  • Housekeeping
  • Cafeteria services


  • Компания производит микродисплеи на основе органических светоизлучающих диодов (OLED) с разрешением 800х600 пикселей, предназначенных для отображения информации в приборах наблюдения, прицеливания, управления и других.
Резидент ООО "ТОПЭ"
  • Производство, поставка и техническое обслуживание комплексов медицинских аппаратно-программных DiViSy DOR Pro, предназначенных для работы со всеми видами медицинской информации

Travel directions

Address Moscow, EAD, Shchelkovskoye shosse, 77/79

Management company name:
OJSC Central Research Institute Cyclone

Web site: website under construction; e-mail:

Phone: 7 (495) 234-76-30; 7 (495) 234-76-17; 7 (499) 682-92-27

More Travel

300 m from Shchelkovskaya metro station; located on Shchelkovskoye shosse, 1.5 km from Moscow Ring Road; 100 m from Moscow Central Bus Terminal