Technopark «Agat»

General information

AO Concern Morinformsistema-AGAT is Moscow’s leading entity in the area of information systems for shipbuilding.
The Concern consists of 14 companies located in Moscow and beyond.
The bulk of its products are defence-related and distributed across Russia. A small portion is exported to India. The development of larger-scale cooperation with international counterparties and an increase in the share of civilian products in output are contemplated for the future.
The area hosts common-use spaces for testing new technology and manufacturing by the Concern’s member companies.
Most of the equipment and a significant portion of the infrastructure are totally obsolete. The plan is to spend saved funds to resolve these issues and partially renovate the existing buildings.
The Inter-Agency Commission on Granting, Confirming and Revoking Statuses in the Area of Industrial and Investment Activity resolved on 06.04.2017 to approve AO Concern Morinformsistema-AGAT’s application for the status of a Moscow City technopark. The Government of Moscow’s resolution to grant this status is expected to come into effect imminently.

Line of business:
  • Electronics and microelectronics
  • Machine engineering


Engineering Infrastructure


  • Компания является одним из мировых лидеров в области создания радиоэлектронных систем и комплексов специального и гражданского назначения, точного приборостроения, специального программного обеспечения.
Резидент АО "НПП "РАДАР ММС"

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Address 105275, Moscow, Shosse Entuziastov, 29

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Сontact person:
Georgiy Antsev

Phone: +7 (495) 6734063

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