Industrial Zone Yu-1 "Yuzhnaya" (ZelAD)

Brief description of the industrial area

Soon to be released
Address, cadastrial number of the land plot:
Moscow, Zelenograd, PZ "Yuzhnaya", driveway 4806 (Georgievsky pr.)
Functional designation of the project:
Priority areas: - pharmaceutical production; - manufacture of medical equipment; - electric equipment manufacture; - manufacture of transportation vehicles; - production of food products and beverages; - production of construction materials; - IT; production of pharmaceuticals; - manufacture of optical, electrical and computer equipment Note: outside of SPZ. Allowed to place facilities of fourth and fifth health hazard classes in line with SEO list 2.2.1/
Functional designation of the land:
Site for administrative-industrial development
0.41 Ha
Technical and economic indices for the site are currently being compiled; the starting auction terms are currently being drafted

Basic economic parametres of the planned project

Brief description of the industrial area
Transport accessibility
Economic parametres
Engineering support: current state / reserve
Engineering support: current state / reserve
How do I start a project? Инфографика как начать проект