Industrial Zone "Vostochnaya" (ZelAD)

Brief description of the industrial area

Soon to be released
Address, cadastrial number of the land plot:
Moscow, Zelenograd, PZ "Vostochnaya", intersection of Sosnovaya Alley and Firsanovskoe Highway
Functional designation of the project:
Priority areas: - electric equipment manufacture; - manufacture of transportation vehicles; - production of construction materials; - manufacture of optical, electrical and computer equipment - IT Note:part of the SPZ of the cemetery, bus fleet and gas stations. Allowed to place facilities of fourth and fifth health hazard classes (save for food and pharmaceutical industries) in line with SEO list 2.2.1/
Functional designation of the land:
Site for industrial-warehousing facilities
1.09 Ha
Technical and economic indices for the site are currently being compiled; the starting auction terms are currently being drafted

Basic economic parametres of the planned project

Brief description of the industrial area
Transport accessibility
Economic parametres
Engineering support: current state / reserve
Engineering support: current state / reserve
How do I start a project? Инфографика как начать проект