Industrial Zone "Rudnevo", parcel 7 (EAD)

Brief description of the industrial area

Soon to be released
Address, cadastrial number of the land plot:
77:03:0010010:3250 Moscow, PZ Rudnevo, Pokrovskaya St, parcel 7
Functional designation of the project:
Siting of the following facilities is possible: facilities for scientific activities; hydrometeorology and related fields; entrepreneurial facilities; warehousing centres; permanent or temporary garages with several parking places, parking lots, including multi-storey. Priorities: - logistics centres; - design and experimental centres; - facilities for scientific R&D, testing of pilot industrial samples.
Functional designation of the land:
Mixed business-community and industrial development
3.19 Ha

Transport accessibility

Availability of a railway line (passenger or freight):
Lyubertsy railway station of Kazansky and Ryazansky routes. People may get there by city buses.
Motor roads (road class, number of lanes):
The existing roadway - driveway under project 597, driveway under project 265, speedway Moscow – Noginsk – Kazan is in the pipeline
Availability of the subway station:
Vykhino, Novokosino – people can get there by functional bus routes. Subway station Lukhmanovskaya is in the pipeline.

Basic economic parametres of the planned project

Number of floors:
2-5 + 1 underground floor
Upper height limit for buildings and structures:
30 metres
Development density:
21 000 sq m per hectare
Maximum percentage of built-up territory:

Tentative (Preliminary) cost of connections to engineering services (utility grids)

Water supply:
capacity: 330.0 cu m/day, connection fee – 3.8m rubles.
Domestic sewage:
capacity: 330.0 cu m/day, connection fee – 52.8m rubles
Storm water runoff:
Surface drainage costs are determined by the project
Heat supply:
Capacity: 9,2 Gcal/h, connection fee – 43,5 m rubles
Power supply:
Capacity: 6,500 KW, connection fee – 134.4m rubles
Gas supply:
the volume and cost of works will be determined by the project based on the technical specifications of Mosgaz
Brief description of the industrial area
Transport accessibility
Economic parametres
Engineering support: current state / reserve
Engineering support: current state / reserve
How do I start a project? Инфографика как начать проект