Moscow Metro Development until 2020

Moscow Metro Development until 2020


Project summary

Active city development (including New Moscow) and population growth. The city government is working to update and expand the Metro infrastructure in order to ensure a convenient transport communication.

Moscow has adopted a Metro construction program of an unprecedented scale. The length of the Moscow Metro lines is expected to exceed 450 km by 2020. As part of the program, the city will build the stations of the Grand Ring Line and expand radial terminal stations (including those in New Moscow).

By 2020, almost all Moscow areas will be provided with new Metro stations. It is expected that nine out of ten Muscovites will live in close proximity to the Metro stations.

Upon the project completion, the Grand Ring Line (GRL) will become the world's longest underground ring line, surpassing the current underground ring "champion", i. e. the Second Ring Line of the Beijing Metro (57 km).

The GRL will connect the existing and prospective radial lines at a distance of up to 10 km from the current Ring Line, relieving the operating interchange circuits.

Financing about RUR 547 bn (according to the Moscow Targeted Investment Program plan).

Implementation terms: until 2020.

Financing source: city budget, private investors.

Results (2017-2018)

Commissioning of the Rechnoy Vokzal - Khovrino section; opening of the second ticket hall at the Mezhdunarodnaya station; reconstruction of the Vykhino electric depot; expansion of the Planernoye electric depot; commissioning the Park Pobedy - Ramenki section; commissioning of the Petrovsko-Razumovskaya - Seligerskaya section; commissioning of the Delovoi Tsentr - Petrovsky Park section.

Current status: in 2018-2020, it is planned to build 81.7 km of the Metro lines, 6 electric depots, 35 metro stations.