Purchasing of low-floor buses

Brief description of the Project: The Project involves purchasing of a new generation low-floor buses having improved performance characteristics for Moscow city:

  • increased comfort and safety,
  • video equipment,
  • satellite navigation,
  • electronic displays,
  • Adaptation for low-mobility passengers’ travel.

Within seven years, the manufacturer must provide the increased technical availability buses (technical availability rate for the contract is 0.95).

The scope of financing: 7.3 billion rubles (tender carried out in 2016), information on the project financing in subsequent years subject to be confirmed.

Result (2016-2023): Supply of low-floor buses for the needs of public transport in Moscow with subsequent maintenance services.

Current implementation status:

The Life Cycle Contract for the supply of 333 buses (47 medium-capacity buses, 174 large-capacity buses and 112 extra-large buses) manufactured by the Likino Bus Manufacturing Plant was concluded with LLC Russkie Avtobusy-GAZ Group in March 2016. In autumn of 2016, the parties signed an additional Agreement to increase the scope of the Contract for the supply of 103 more large and extra large buses. All 436 buses were supplied in 2016. For repair and maintenance services stipulated within the framework of the LCC, SUE Mosgortrans GAZ Group had built the necessary infrastructure in the territory of the 17th bus fleet parking, the investments into the infrastructure amounted to about 55 million rubles.

Thanks to the purchase of buses on LCC, SUE Mosgortrans will save an estimated 1.7 billion rubles over seven years.

Buses will be equipped with Security Control TV cameras, satellite navigation and climate control systems, as well as electronic displays for informing passengers. Like the entire purchased rolling stock of SUE Mosgortrans, they are fully adapted for low-mobility citizens’ travels, equipped with ramps for wheelchairs and fixtures for wheelchairs. New vehicles meet the requirements of environmental friendliness: they are equipped with engines of eco-class not lower than Euro 5.

Download the presentation: Lifecycle Contracts: Low Floor Buses Supply

Download the presentation: Lifecycle Contracts: E-Buses Supply