Purchasing of Metro Carriages

Purchasing of Metro Carriages on Lifecycle Contract Terms


Project summary: the project provides for procurement of Metro rolling stock with subsequent maintenance of the new carriages during their entire service life under a lifecycle contract (LC). This new approach to Metro carriage purchasing and repair will allow the annual load on the municipal budget to be reduced, the Metro to be supplied with new-generation trains featuring improved comfort and safety, and additional assurances to be obtained of reliability of the new carriages, as well as adherence to the train schedule.

Financing volume (m RUB): 115,000 (first bidding), about 130,000 (second bidding).

Deadline: 2014–2049.

Source of financing: Non-budgetary.

Results (2015–2020): Metro carriage delivery and aftersales service.

Current status: The first phase of the project ended in March 2014 with execution of a lifecycle contract (LC) for 832 Metro carriages of Series 760 (in July 2015, a supplementary contract was signed, reducing the number of carriages to 664). The carriages will be delivered in 2014–2017 and will be maintained for 30 years of service. Another contract for 768 carriages to be delivered in 2017–2020 was entered into in December 2014, this time for 130 bn RUB. An important contractual condition is that the local manufacturing content of the carriages must reach at least 70% by 1 January 2018.


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