Purchasing of Metro Carriages

Brief description of the Project: The Project assumes the purchase of rolling stock for the metro with the subsequent technical maintenance of new metro cars during their lifetime on the terms of the Life-Cycle Contract. A new approach to the purchase and repair of metro cars will reduce the annual load on the city's budget; provide the metro with a new generation of trains having enhanced comfort and safety and get additional guarantees of reliability of new metro cars and the adherence to the train schedule.

The scope of financing, including the purchase and maintenance, in prices of 2017 (million rubles): 153,710 (first tender), about 177,330 (second tender).

Terms of implementation: 2014 - 2049

Source of funding: Extrabudgetary.

Result (2014 - 2020): Supply of rolling stock with subsequent maintenance.

Current status of implementation: The first phase of the project was completed in March 2014 with the conclusion of the LCC for 832 metro cars of 760 series (in July 2015 an additional agreement was signed to reduce the number of metro cars purchased down to 664), which were supplied in 2014 - 2016, with stipulated subsequent maintenance during 30 years. In December 2014, a Contract was signed for additional 768 metro cars to be supplied in 2017-2020. An important condition for the second signed Agreement is that before January 1, 2018, the manufacturer will have to ensure, that at least 70% of metro cars manufacturing facilities are located in the territory of Russia.

In addition to the above, a Contract has been signed presently for the purchase of 144 metro cars and for maintenance during the life cycle. The total cost of the purchase will amount to 11.5 billion rubles.

Until 2021, it is planned to purchase 1,500 more metro cars


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