Organization of transport work and reconstruction at the MCC (Moscow Central Circle)


The Project provides for the reconstruction and integration of Moscow Central Circle (MCC) into the urban transport system, as well as passenger traffic start organization.





Moscow Small Ring Railway reconstruction


Project Summary: Retrofitting the Moscow Small Ring Railway infrastructure.

Financing volume (m RUB): 74,800 (MR), 8,500 (AIP).

Deadline: 2014–2016.

Source of Financing: Russian Railways, AIP resources.

Results (2015–2016): Completion of works on Moscow Small Ring Railway transport infrastructure arrangement.

Current status: Work is carried out by Russian Railways.



Construction of transport hubs of the Moscow Small Ring Railway


Project Summary: the project is to organise construction and operation of transport hubs, including through implementation of commercial real estate projects.

Financing volume (m RUB): 15,500 (“transport hub technology”).

Deadline: 2015–2016.

Source of Financing: AIP.

Results (2015–2016): Completion of operations to construct Moscow Small Ring transport hubs.

Current status: In March 2015, the results of the tender for transport hub design and construction were summarised. JSC RZDstroy was announced the winner.

Arranging transportation on the Moscow Small Ring Railway


Project Summary: the project aims at finding a carrier to operate the railway using its own rolling stock on the terms and conditions stipulated by the City of Moscow (fares, schedules). It is planned to launch passenger service in 2016. Term of the contract with the carrier: 15 years.

Financing volume (m RUB): 57,000.

Deadline: 2014–2030.

Source of Financing: resources of Moscow Metro SUE

Results (2015–2016): Launch of passenger service.

Current status: In December 2014, the results of the tender for the provision of services to arrange transportation on the Moscow Small Ring Railway were summarised. Central PPK OJSC was named the winner.