Moscow Central Diameters (MCD)

Moscow Central Diameters (MCD)


Project summary

The project involves the reconstruction of existing through railway lines in Moscow and the Moscow Region and the arrangement of the relevant diameter routes for suburban electric trains. A part of the lines is planned to be serviced according to MCC standards, with traffic intervals of 6 minutes or more.

New through diameters will help to reduce the traffic load of the Moscow transport system by 10-12 percent. The passenger comfort level will be increased due to high-speed through train routes created within the city. The MCD lines will require a minimum number of passenger transfers. There will be a significant positive impact on the entire Moscow agglomeration moving towards integrating the suburban transport into the Moscow single transport system. Other positive effects of this project include the improvement of the transport situation in Moscow; the development of new urban areas; the creation of jobs in the course of construction and operation; the renewal of rolling stock and the Moscow railway junction infrastructure.

Financing over RUR 40 bn (including the construction of MCD1 Odintsovo - Lobnya (RUR 8 bn), MCD2 Nakhabino - Podolsk (RUR 12 bn)).

Implementation terms: 2017-2025 The first two MCD sections will be introduced by 2019.

Financing source: budgetary funds (the project is equally financed from the budget of Moscow and the Russian Railways budget).

Results (2017-2018)

As of the end of 2017, the works at the Leningradsky line have been completed, and the works at the Yaroslavsky, Gorky, Kursky, Belorussky and Savelovsky lines are underway. The Savelovsky line will be provided with a new Petrovsko-Razumovskaya platform at the intersection with the Leningradsky line, near the Dmitrovskoye highway overpass; it will be part of the similarly-named transfer hub based on the Petrovsko-Razumovskaya metro station. A new platform named Dmitrovskaya will be built at the intersection of the Savelovsky and Rizhsky lines, and a new platform Slavyansky Boulevard will be built between the Fili and Kuntsevo stations.

Current status

Currently, main routes are under construction, the infrastructure is being reconstructed. The construction process will include several stages. The first stage will cover ca. 50 km of the Belorussky and Savelovsky railway lines (from Lobnya to Odintsovo). These lines will service 42 million people. The second stage section (from Nakhabino to Podolsk) will connect the Belorussky and Savelovsky railway stations.