Construction and reconstruction of sports infrastructure


The project includes infrastructure reconstruction and development for the major emblematic stadia, including preparing the Luzhniki Stadium for the FIFA World Cup 2018, developing the surrounding areas, and constructing new stadia, sports halls, fitness and sports facilities.




Brief description of the Project: The Project of Luzhniki Olympic complex reconstruction aimed at turning it into a modern sports and entertainment center for leisure and recreation of Muscovites, and capable of hosting the World Cup finals in 2018 and large-scale sports and entertainment events of world class. The complex is aimed both at professional and mass sports exercises. In the result of reconstruction two modern international broadcasting centers for television and radio broadcasting were built on the territory of the Luzhniki sports complex, which will provide high-quality broadcasts from the stadium. In addition, the Luzhniki Stadium is equipped with a hall for press conferences, a zone of express interviews, several television studios and a presentation studio with a panoramic view of the football field.

The amount of financing (million rubles): 46,000/36,000.

Terms of implementation: 2014 - 2017

Source of funding: Extrabudgetary/TIP.

Result (2015 - 2017): Reconstruction of Luzhniki Stadium, preparation for the World Cup 2018 and for hosting world class sporting events.

Current implementation status: According to the reconstruction Project, in 2016 six floors totally have been built in the Luzhniki Stadium. The framework of the large sports arena Luzhniki is completely ready, and in the outer part of the stadium dome three samples of media roof having total area of 900 square meters are being installed and tested. The screens have been mounted. Thus, the bulk reconstruction work at the stadium was completed in 2016, and in 2017 the first scrimmages were held attended by international teams and football stars.





Project Summary: the project provides for comprehensive reconstruction, and adaptation to modern requirements of the Dynamo Central Stadium and the surrounding area, including a leisure and entertainment complex of 30 thousand sq. m. and underground parking for 733 cars. The total capacity of the stadium will be 26,319 seats. The number of seats on the general use arena will vary from 11,488 to 14,000 seats, depending on the configuration: hockey, basketball or concert.

Financing volume (m RUB): to be determined.

Deadline: 2012–2018.

Source of Financing: Non-budgetary.

Results (2018): Reconstruction and equipment of the Dynamo stadium, creation of a convenient urban environment, a district that would combine historical, sporting, cultural, environmental and business components.

Current status: The opening of the Dynamo Central Stadium is scheduled for 22 October 2017. Manufacture of sample plates that will be used to assemble the stands has already commenced. Installation of the first stand will be completed in July 2015. Operations in the area of the historical wall have begun simultaneously with measures to preserve the West Stand. In the near future, builders will begin re-building the walls of the stadium to retain their historical appearance.





Project Summary: the project has resulted in creation of a modern new stadium meeting the safety and security requirements and able to host not only home matches of the football club, but also games of the World Cup 2018. The total area of the 45,000-seat stadium is 53,758 sq. m and its height is 53 m.

Financing volume (m RUB): 14,500.

Deadline: 2011–2014.

Source of Financing: Non-budgetary.

Result: a mix-use complex of the Otkritie Arena Football Stadium, which includes the main stadium, a sports hall with 12 thousand seat stands, an office building and parking for 7.5 thousand cars.

Current status: Opened on 5 September 2014.





Brief description of the Project: The Project provides for the construction of a stadium having total area of 78,000 square meters and 30 000 seats, as well as the adjacent hotel and administrative complex area of 70 000 square meters, and multi-level parking for 1400 parking places.

Amount of financing (million rubles): To be updated

Terms of implementation: 2007 - 2017

Source of funding: Non-budgetary source.

Result (2017): Football arena construction, exercises practicing rooms complex as well as high-rise administrative and office building with a hotel for athletes and parking had been completed.

Current implementation status: In 2016 the construction was completed. The stadium is built taking into account the requirements of UEFA and FIFA. The natural lawn grass field is sewn with artificial threads using special technology to strengthen the root system: 30 percent of lawn is synthetic. Besides football matches, various business, cultural and ceremonial events are held at the stadium. The first non-sporting cultural event was the Park Live festival, which was held in July 2017.