Moscow Metallurgical Plant Serp i Molot Area Redevelopment

Redevelopment of Serp i Molot Plant Territory


Project Summary: the project involves organisation of an area of 101.84 ha and location of a mix-use comprehensive development with a maximum total area of approximately 1.55 m sq. m. The project will provide for comprehensive improvement of the plant’s area and create a comfortable space for living and working.

The new residential development will be provided with the necessary social infrastructure, including nine institutions implementing preschool education programmes for 1,030 pupils, one detached 330-place building and eight integrated attached 700-place buildings, two schools for 2,360 pupils (one designed for 1,100 and the other for 1,260 children), a clinic for children and adults of 7,000 sq. m.

Financing volume (m RUB): 140,000.

Deadline: 2015–2021.

Source of Financing: to be determined.

Results (2014–2015): Design and launch of the first construction stage.

Current status: Two Dutch architectural firms, MVRDV and LAP Landscape & Urban Design, and a Russian architectural studio, Projectus, won the architectural and urban development concept tender in April 2014

On 25 December 2014, the Urban Planning and Land Commission of Moscow City (GZK) approved the area planning design for the area limited by Zolotorozhsky Val Street, the lane to the Serp i Molot plant, and lane number 6626 (South-East Administrative District) under design. The premises are intended for holding public hearings.

GZK also approved the terms of reference for construction of the new facilities, which may start in mid–2015.