ZIL (The Likhachev Automotive Plant) Area Redevelopment

Redevelopment of the former AMO ZIL plant territory


Brief description of the Project: The Project covers an area of about 470 hectares which area includes 333 hectares of Likhachev AMO ZIL plant territory .

Major reconstruction and large-scale construction on this territory is planned for the period of 2014 - 2025, during which new buildings and structures with the total area of more than 6 million square meters will be erected.

The territory of AMO ZIL consists of northern, southern and western sites.

The new district of Moscow will be created based on the principle “city in the city", where all functions will be balanced and will complement each other. On the site of the plant demolished workshops, it is planned to build housing, a public-production cluster, elevated and underground parking lots and social facilities.

All together, more than 75 thousand people will live on the territory; more than 65 thousand jobs will be created (assuming 30 meters of non-residential premises per 1 worker).

The total area of reconstructed and newly built objects will amount to:

Residential facilities - 3.0 million square meters

Social and business, production facilities cluster - 1.5 million square meters

Parking - 0.9 million square meters (24,7 thousand m/m).

Social objects (25 Children’s pre-school centers for 3,765 kids, 7 schools for 9,020 students, out-patient clinic for 1,050 patients/shift, fire stations and other facilities) - 0.3 million square meters

Sports and entertainment buildings - 0.2 million square meters.

In addition, the area of preserved/remaining buildings - 0.1 million square meters.

Pedestrian Boulevard named after Brothers Vesnin will become the center of the territory, and along the Boulevard the following main public buildings will be located: a concert hall, a museum (the Hermitage-Moscow), a theater, a hotel, shopping centers and integrated residential buildings. More than 40 hectares of land will be allocated for landscaping, forming an embankment 4 km long and a park area.

Traffic infrastructure of the new city district at AMO ZIL will include Moscow metro station with a large transport and interchange hub (TIH Technopark), the MCR ZIL station (it is planned to build TIH) and a network of main and local roads. In accordance with the plans about 30 kilometers of the street and road network, and several bridge crossings will be built.

Funding of transport, engineering and social infrastructure construction at the expense of the city may reach more than 45 billion rubles.

Amount of financing: The scope of financing will amount to about 500 billion rubles, incl. private investments - more than 420 billion rubles (85% of the total).

Terms of implementation: 2014-2025

Current implementation status:

As of today, the following objects had been put into operation: A large Arena of Legends hockey complex, the museum of hockey glory, the Water Palace.

In autumn of 2015, the active construction works on residential complex ZILART began.

Several houses of the residential complex ZILART are being built in parallel. Construction is conducted in seven stages. The first stage is almost fully completed. In the houses No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, monolith erecting work has already been completed, work on common areas finishing (CUA) is being carried out practically in all houses, and in-house engineering networks are being adjusted. By spring of 2018 work on yards improvement will be completed. Installation of facades of the house number 1 is in process.

In March, second stage construction had started. A permit has been obtained for the construction of the houses No. 16, No. 17 and No. 14.

As of April 2018, permission was received to start the construction of the houses No. 9 and No. 10 in the residential complex of art-class ZILART.