Nizhniye Mnevniki area development

Nizhnie Mnevniki terriroty development


Project Summary: the project provides for reorganisation of the area of the Mnevniki Poyma with location of a Parliamentary Centre and construction of residential buildings, a surf park, office and transport infrastructure facilities. The project will create a new “green” cluster with a convenient infrastructure, improve the quality of life and contribute to harmonious development of the polycentric city, ensuring comfortable living conditions for those residing not only in the centre but also beyond it. The total reconstructed area is 351.6 ha, of which 150 ha are to be developed.

Financing volume (m RUB): The area planning design is under development.

Deadline: to be determined.

Source of Financing: AIP, non-budgetary.

Results (2015–2018): Launch of design and construction/reconstruction.

Current status: In October 2014, GZK approved the development plan for the floodplain. Construction is scheduled for 2016–2022.