Nagatino Floodplain Development

Brief description of the Project: The Project provides for the creation of a multifunctional entertainment park having total area of 280,000 square meters. Land plot of 92.85 hectares was provided for the purpose of construction. The park will be created under the DreamWorks franchise. The complex will include an indoor park, Soyuzmultfilm park, a multiplex cinema, children's themed cafes, facilities for associated trade and catering, promenade, parking. In addition, it is planned to host a concert hall, a hotel complex and a children's yacht school. Significant part of the Nagatinskaya poyma territory will be landscaped as a public city park, and the coastal zone of the Moscow River will be equipped as a pedestrian promenade. At the same time, the South River Station will be preserved and reconstructed. The Project implementation term is from two to three years.

The volume of financing (million rubles): more than 50,000

Terms of implementation: 2014 - 2020

Source of funding: Non-budgetary/TIP.

Result (2015 - 2017): Beginning of designing and construction/reconstruction.

Current status of implementation: On October 20, 2014 GLC (Urban Planning and Land Commission) approved the DreamWorks park Project in the Nagatinskaya poyma. The Regions Group pf Companies will stand as an investor in partnership with a number of banks, including Sberbank and Gazprombank.