Comprehensive development of the former Luberetskiye Polya sewage fields

Complex development of the former Luberetskie fields territory


Brief description of the Project: The Project involves the construction of social, transport and engineering infrastructure at the expense of the city budget, followed by compensation of costs incurred by the city in proportion to the erected facilities. The total land area for residential development is 556 hectares, the area of constructed housing equals to 3 million square meters. As a part of transport infrastructure development, it is planned to build a metro station. The investments into infrastructure will amount to 34 billion rubles funded with non-budgetary money and 63 billion rubles at the expense of budgetary funds.

The scope of financing (million rubles): 375 000/288 000.

Terms of implementation: 2014 - 2020

Source of funding: Extrabudgetary, TIP.

Result (2014 - 2017.): New agreement on Project implementation, construction of residential, social, transport and engineering infrastructure.

Current implementation status: In December 2014, the Moscow Government and investors signed an Agreement "On Cooperation in the Organization of Nekrasovka (SEAD region) Urban Development in Moscow in order to provide housing under construction with the necessary infrastructure." Currently, there is a procedure in process to transfer land plots to investors in the framework of the agreement in compensation for the construction of infrastructure.

The construction of 1.3 million square meters apartments has already been completed, as well as four Children pre-school centers, and four schools. One school for 2,100 students has been opened by September 1, 2017.

The out-patient clinic for 750 visits per shift accepts patients beginning February 9, 2017.