International Medical Cluster

International Medical Cluster

Project summary:

The International Medical Cluster (IMC) to be created in Moscow is intended for:

  • developing medical care activities, improving the medical care quality,
  • supporting medicines, medical technologies and medical devices development,
  • developing educational activities and performing scientific research in the field of health protection using the world's best practices,
  • developing international health care cooperation

The IMC activities are regulated by the dedicated federal law

No. 160-FZ "On the International Medical Cluster" dated June 29, 2015, which determines a number of special conditions for the project participants regarding OECD standards use and foreign specialists engagement:

  • The authorizations and approvals issued by foreign OECD states shall be recognized on the IMC territory along with the authorizations and approvals issued by the Russian Federation
  • Project participants are not required to obtain permits for engaging and using the services of foreign medical specialists, teachers or scientists
  • Foreign specialists are granted an invitation to enter the Russian Federation and a work permit, without the relevant quotas to be taken into account
  • The education and (or) qualification documents of foreign specialists issued by foreign OECD states shall be recognized as valid in IMC

IMC will be located on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center at the land plots reserved with a total area of 57.6 hectares. Possible total construction area is up to 450.000 sq. m

Financing (million rubles): to be defined

Implementation terms: Creation of main IMC facilities is planned for the period from 2016 to 2035, in 2 stages

Stage 1 (2016-2025):

  • Diagnostics building: under construction.
  • Therapy building (oncology): under construction.
  • Interdisciplinary building
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics&Traumatology
  • Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Center

Stage 2 (2025-2035)

  • Creation of specialized clinics (ophthalmology, urology, gynecology, endocrinology, pediatrics, etc.)

Current status:

  • The IMC concept is created
  • The cluster is provided with the necessary engineering and road infrastructure
  • The first stage facilities are under construction
  • Operators for 2 first stage facilities have been selected.
  • Terms of reference for the first and second stage facilities have been prepared

Project management: The Moscow Government has established the International Medical Cluster Fund (IMC Fund) intended to manage the project, as well as to provide methodological, organization and information support for the International Medical Cluster activities.

The IMC Fund Supervisory Board is headed by Mayor of Moscow S.S.Sobyanin.

See more details regarding the IMC Fund at