“Doctor Nearby”

“Doctor Nearby”


Project Summary: the project provides for establishing local primary healthcare clinics. Under the project, the city offers private investors premises for lease at a reduced annual rate of 1 rouble per square metre (for non-residential premises), provided they render medical services according to the list and to the extent specified by the Moscow Public Health Department. Investors may use the reduced lease rent after they have adapted the premises to medical practice and started providing medical services. The contract for preferential lease of premises is concluded for 20 years. The project will contribute to development of competition in the healthcare sector, improvement of the quality and accessibility of health services, as well as reduction of the burden on municipal clinics.

Financing Volume: (m RUB):

Deadline: Not limited.

Source of Financing: Non-budgetary.

Results (2013–2018): During the project, 61 sites have been leased out to investors.

Current status: Currently, investors have reconstructed 49 sites that are subject to the reduced lease rate.


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