Establishing Zaryadye Park

Zaryadye Park Development


Brief description of the Project: The Zaryadye Park Project is a new type of public space created by an international team of architects, engineers, landscape designers and other experts from all over the world. Within the framework of the Project, a comprehensive improvement of the park zone, located in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin and Red Square, was carried out. The unique botanical collection had been gathered for the park area to show the diversity of Russian nature. The territory of the park is divided into four climatic zones - the steppe, meadow, forests, and northern landscape.

The concept of the Zaryadye Park is presented in the format of an "open-air museum", where modern technologies coexist in harmony with historical monuments. This is the first park in Russia, fully equipped with an automated irrigation and lighting systems.

The Project was inaugurated in September 2017. At present, the Zaryadye Park is considered to be an outstanding example implementing the best principles of modern urbanism. In addition to the unusual landscape, the park has inestimable historical significance.

The Zaryadye Park presents cultural monuments and unique architecture, as well as artifacts found during archaeological excavations in the area and in the park itself.

As many as 78 thousand square meters of real estate were built on the territory of 10.2 hectares, including a multifunctional concert hall which occupies 25 thousand square meters. The underground parking for 430 cars and buses had been constructed. The adjacent territories - streets and bridges - were also upgraded. Within the framework of the Project, the restoration of the temples was carried out to be a part of the future park unified complex.

Scope of financing (million rubles): 14,000.

Terms of implementation: 2014 - 2017 years.

Source of funding: Targeted Investment Program (TIP)