Skolkovo Innovation Center Development

Skolkovo Innovation Center Development


Project summary

The Skolkovo Innovation Center (Skolkovo IС) is the largest science and technology complex under construction in Russia that was designed for Russian and international research& development and innovation commercialization in the following areas:

1) energy efficiency and energy saving, including the development of innovative energy technologies;

2) nuclear technologies;

3) space technologies, especially in the field of telecommunications and navigation systems (including the creation of the proper ground infrastructure);

4) medical technologies in the fields of equipment and medicines development;

5) strategic computer technologies and software;

6) biotechnologies for agriculture and industry.

The center is located in the Mozhaisky Area of the Moscow Western Administrative District.

The Skolkovo IC project is being deployed by the Innovation and Commercialization Center Development Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Skolkovo Foundation) and particularly supported by the Moscow Government. The president and co-chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation Council is Viktor Vekselberg. The Supervisory Board is headed by Chairman of the Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev.

In addition to a space in the innovation center, the Skolkovo project participants receive incentive tax benefits, including 0% income tax rate, 0% VAT rate, 14% social security contributions, customs privileges, as well as free utility connection (except for electricity). Participants have the opportunity to apply for development grants.


According to preliminary estimates, the total amount of private and public investments in the Skolkovo Information Center may exceed RUR 400 bn.

Implementation terms:

The time of the Skolkovo Innovation Center existence is not legally limited. The duration of benefits for the project participants is 10 years.

Financing source:

Budgetary funds and private investments.


The Skolkovo IC concept implies the erection of innovative buildings designed and built with the use of the latest knowledge and technology. One of the main innovation center elements is the Skolkovo Technopark, which will occupy 60 hectares with a construction area of 145,000 sq. m. to accommodate innovative companies, laboratories and centers for collective use.

Under the project, five clusters for innovative projects implementation are created. These are in the fields of information (SK IT), biomedical (SK Biomedicine), energy-efficiency (SK Energy), nuclear (SK Nuclear) and space (SK Space) technologies .

More than 600 leading Russian and international companies will become Skolkovo Technopark residents. The Skolkovo IC will accommodate the research and development centers of such leading multinational companies as BOEING, Airbus, IBM, INTEL, HP, Samsung, CISCO, DOW, GE, etc.

Current status

By now, more than 23 thousand square meters of the Skolkovo IC Technopark have already been put into operation and made available for the residents. In addition, the main center facilities include the Hypercube, the Skoltech University (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), the Matryoshka cultural and business center and the building of the Research and Development Center Renova Lab. Also, there is a plan for the construction of residential quarters, i. e. the apartments for the Skolkovo Information Center residents.

Ca. 2000 companies from all over Russia took part in the project for the Skolkovo Information Center creation. The participants can apply for grants amounting up to 300 million rubles. More than 980 grants for a total amount of 12.6 billion rubles have been approved since the project launch.

In addition, the Skolkovo participants have access to venture capital funds on the basis of the Skolkovo Ventures investment platform intended to attract external financing (average investment amount is RUR 100 to 200 mn). From 2012 to 2016, Skolkovo attracted $ 235 million of venture investments. At the end of 2016, the investments in Skolkovo accounted for 41% of the entire venture capital investment market in Russia.

The Skolkovo Information Center participants have access to the international project acceleration program, the mentoring program, the intellectual property center, R&D services, customs services, etc.

The companies willing to participate in the project can apply for the preliminary examination online at the official project website. Also, online applications for accommodation in the Skolkovo Technopark can be submitted at the Moscow Investment Portal.