Plan for creating investment and infrastructure facilities

Plan for creating investment and infrastructure facilities

The Moscow targeted investment programme for 2016–2018 amounts to 1.155 trln RUB, including:

- in 2016 – 367 bn RUB

- in 2017 – 383 bn RUB

- in 2018 – 405 bn RUB

The list of facilities covered by the Moscow Targeted Investment Programme for 2016–2018 is in full compliance with the budget allocations envisaged by the Moscow draft budget for 2016–2018 for implementation of state programmes and measures.

808 bn RUB or 70% of the budget for the three-year Targeted Investment Programme is to go on implementing the state programme “Improvement of the Transport System”, including 482 bn RUB or 60% of the programme for construction of Metro facilities. These funds are for opening 36 stations, 78.5 km of Metro track and 4 depots. 300 bn RUB during the 2016–2018 period is envisaged for road building. During the same period, it is intended to build and open 323 km of roads, 48 pedestrian crossings and 86 engineering structures (bridges, flyovers and overpasses).

The Targeted Investment Programme priority remains implementation of state programmes for developing the social sphere, for which purpose 218 bn RUB are to be allocated over the next three years. During this period, these funds will be used to build and open:

– 42 preschool educational institutions for 10,060 children

– 40 schools with annexes for 19,110 children

– 19 polyclinics for 7,710 visits per shift, 12 hospital buildings, 7 ambulance stations

– 16 cultural facilities

– 2.194 m square metres of housing

Sports facilities to be built and opened include 10 football pitches, 9 fitness and health complexes, 4 ВМХ cycling grounds, 19 facilities for holding the FIFA World Cup on the territory of the Luzhniki Sports Complex, among them a fitness and health swimming pool.

73 bn RUB are envisaged for reconstruction and modernisation of the city’s utility and engineering infrastructure.

Construction of facilities under the state programme “Safe City” in 2016–2018 are to cost 15.6 bn RUB, including 8.7 bn RUB (56% of the state programmes total) for building Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs facilities. These funds will make it possible to start up, in 2016–2018, 7 varying level Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs subdivisions; 11 fire stations, 6 of them to be built for residents of the Troitsky and Novomoskosvky Administrative Areas; and 2 search and rescue stations.

15.0 bn RUB have been earmarked for construction of facilities under the state programme “City Development Policy” in 2016–2018. This programme envisages start-up in 2017 of an Office Centre of the Moscow Troitsky and Novomoskosvky Administrative Areas. It is also planned to open 7 funeral facilities, 1 court building and 1 building for the tax inspectorate.

Within the scope of the state programme “Development of the Leisure and Tourist Industry”, it is planned in 2017 to complete construction of the Zaradye Park zone.