The Moscow City Targeted Investment Programme

Moscow Targeted Investment Program for 2018–2021 accounts for 2 RUR 102 bn including:

- RUR 452.8 bn in 2018;
- RUR 523.8 bn in 2019;
- RUR 519.5 bn in 2020;
- RUR 538.9 bn in 2021.

The list of the Moscow Targeted Investment Program (TIP) facilities for 2018–2021 was prepared in full compliance with the budget allocations to implement government programs (GP) and measures as determined in the draft Moscow budget for 2018–2021.

In 2019–2021, RUR 1.1 tn or 68% of the Targeted Investment Program budget will be used to implement the Transport System Development GP. RUR 561.3 bn of these are intended for the metro facilities construction. In 2019–2021, the above funds are expected to be used for the commissioning of 21 metro stations, 70 km of subway lines and 3 depots. RUR 459 bn of the budget funds are intended for automobile roads construction in 2019-2021. Ca. 281 km of roads, 32 pedestrian crossings and 83 artificial structures (bridges, overpasses, ramps) are planned to be built and put into operation during this time.

The TIP priority is still the implementation of the government programs aimed at the social sphere development; RUR 254 bn will be allocated for this purpose from 2019 to 2021. These funds will be used within three years to build and put into operation:

  • 32 kindergartens;
  • 61 schools and additional buildings;
  • 31 polyclinics, 15 hospital buildings, 7 emergency stations;
  • 41 sports facilities;
  • 1 thous. sq. m. of housing (design and construction).

The sports facilities will include 5 football fields, 15 fitness centers, 3 swimming pools, 3 BMX cycling grounds, etc.

RUR 109.2 bn are provided for the reconstruction and modernization of the city utility infrastructure within three years.

RUR 23.7 bn will be spent on the construction of facilities under the Safe City GP in 2019–2021. These funds will be used to commission 19 fire stations and 9 administrative buildings.

RUR 17.6 bn have been allocated to construct the facilities under the Urban Planning Policy GP in 2019–2021.

22 cultural facilities, including 2 museum buildings, 5 theater buildings and 2 cultural heritage items will be built and restored as part of the Moscow Culture GP implementation. Thanks to this program, the Zaryadye park zone was completed in 2017, with the Zaryadye concert hall opened on September 8, 2018.