Utility Connection Principles

Utility Connection Principles

Power grid connection in Moscow is carried out under the Rules for Power Grid Connection for Power Receivers of Power Consumers, for Power Generating Facilities, and Power Grid Facilities Owned by Power Transmitters and other Entities; the Rules were approved by Order of the Moscow City Government No. 861 of 27 December 2004.

Power grid connection for Moscow consumers is carried out by about 50 power transmitting companies, the biggest being the Moscow United Electric Grid Company (PJSC MOESK) and the United Energy Company(JSC UNECO).

In Moscow, the Moscow Gas (Mosgaz) JSC gas distribution company and SUE MR Moscow Regional Gas (Mosolbgaz) design gas pipelines, approve gasification projects and construct gas pipelines to consumers’ land plot boundaries, depending on the location of the given permanent structure in the city.

From 1 March 2014, connection to gas utilities has been carried out under the Rules approved by Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1314 “On Approving the Rules for Connecting Permanent Structures to Gas Distribution Networks” of 30 December 2013.

Federal Law No. 190-FZ “On Heat Supply” of 27 July 2010 is the principal act regulating connection to the centralised heating and hot water supply. The procedure for connecting to central heating is approved by Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 307 of 16 April 2012.

MIPC Public Company is Moscow’s sole centralised heating provider.

Federal Law No. 416-FZ “On Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal” of 07 December 2011 is the principal legal act regulating connection to water supply and wastewater disposal systems.

Moscow Water Company (Mosvodokanal) JSC is Moscow’s provider of cold water supply and wastewater disposal. The Moscow Integrated Power Company (JSC MIPC) provides Moscow’s hot water supply (see “Centralised Heating” section). SUE Moscow Wastewater Disposal (Mosvodostok) maintains Moscow’s wastewater disposal systems.

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