27 Sep 2017

Moscow launches new support measures for investors and the real sector

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Moscow’s investment strategy is being pursued vigorously. In developing the strategy, the Moscow Government considered a large number of projects and conditions, taking into account the specifics of the capital, the labour market, practices adopted in other regions and in cities abroad. Moscow has created a business environment that makes it profitable for entrepreneurs to localise manufacturing and invest here. 64 enterprises with approximately 78,000 employees have been granted benefits packages.



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22 Sep
Business Park Will Be Built in Moscow within City Program of Job Creation
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21 Sep
Korovino Industrial Zone Will Be Redeveloped within Agreement on Integrated Development of Industrial Area
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18 Sep
Moscow Socially Oriented Company Will Receive RUR 8 M for Production Development
Natalya Sergunina on why Moscow does not fear the crisis and what the city’s government is betting on
Gen Terra
The Kalibr Technopark in Moscow accommodates the only Russian industrial manufacturer of chemicals for molecular biology. In his interview to the Moscow Investment Portal, Gen Terra director Vladimir Survilo talked about DNA, genome sequencing and plans to conquer the international market.
Exacte Labs
There is an opinion that technoparks are focused exclusively on industrial production or IT-technologies. However, they can be an ideal place for companies with different profiles. So, the Slava technopark accommodates the Exacte Labs laboratory center performing medicinal product analyses and medical tests. General Director Vasily Kazey told the Investportal about their research subject and unusual name, as well as a little about India.
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