Moscow Made the TOP-3 Regions with the Best Investment Climate

05 June 2017

002-1265.jpg (500×167)A study carried out by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) showed that at year-end 2016, Moscow held the 3rd place in the Investment Ranking of Russia, having gone up 7 points. This growth is the result of systemic and goal-oriented work of the Moscow Government.

Speaking at the presentation of the National Investment Climate Ranking of Russia’s Constituent Entities held at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that during all the crisis years, the investments into the fixed capital in Moscow had never dropped.

“If we talk about last year’s breakthroughs, it is definitely the doubled volume of government contracts distributed among medium businesses. Technoparks that serve as a focus for innovative small and medium businesses have mushroomed: instead of only four government-owned ones we had not so long ago, we now have 30 full-fledged technoparks with tens of thousands of jobs in the area of innovations,” the Mayor of Moscow added.

The National Investment Climate Ranking is compiled using 45 indicators, most of which were calculated by surveying entrepreneurs. Moscow’s high place in the ranking bears witness to the fact that the business community assesses in a positive key the work done by the regional authorities.