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Technopark «Otradnoye»

Technopark Otradnoye sits on an area covering more than 3.3 hectares in the North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow. The park’s territory has a footprint of 17,000 sq m and is home to four office buildings. Another office building with total floor area of 25,000 sq m and a multi-storey car park with 602 parking spots are currently under construction. The technopark is also planning to build a sixth office building with total floor area of 21,800 sq m.
The technopark’s development programme calls for the construction of robust infrastructure to provide its residents with a comfortable working and living environment: conference halls, meeting rooms, cafeterias, cafés, a fitness centre, a sports field for summer and winter sports, summer patios with Wi-Fi spots, and a playroom for employee children.

Line of business

  • Design and production of computer technologies and software.
  • Design and production of optoelectronic and microelectronic technologies and products.
  • Design and production of medical technologies, medical products and pharmaceuticals.
  • Design and production of innovative materials.
  • Design and production of transport facilities and components for transport.
  • Design and production of energy technologies and various energy efficiency and energy conservation products.
  • Design and production of space and telecommunication technologies, telecommunication equipment and navigation systems.
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10 etazhej, lift est', god postrojki 2016

248000000 rub. per sq.m.

10 etazhej, lift est', god postrojki 2016

248000000 rub. per sq.m.


Transport Infrastructure

1 km from Altufievskoye shosse, 3 km from Dmitrovskoye shosse, 4.5 km from prospekt Mira

the nearest passenger terminal is Degunino (2.5 km)

Engineering Infrastructure
Power supply
30 MW , 2.89827 to 6.48015 RUB/kWh, excl. VAT, depending on the time of day 160 hp
Water supply
8.4 Gcal*hr , starting from 01/07/2015 – 28.17 RUB/m3, excl. VAT
Central ventilation system with regeneration and dual air filtering capability
Air conditioning
Central air conditioning system with "winter cold" function
Automatic fire extinguishing
Fire alarm and automatic extinguishing by sprinklers
Related infrastructure
  • Café
  • Gym
  • Conference call
  • No-charge meeting and presentation area, smoking rooms with individual ventilation system
  • Small child day-care centre
  • Dedicated spaces for demonstration rooms and exhibitions
  • 580 parking spots for residents and guests
  • No-charge meeting room
  • Internet access
  • Communication services provided by MTS and Beeline with the ability to switch to any other service provider


Tax incentives for the management company

Concessionary profit tax rate: 15,5

Concessionary property tax rate: 0

Tax incentives for anchor residents

Concessionary profit tax rate: 13,5%

Equipment and services

  • Internet access services
  • Security and access control services
  • Renovation and finishing services, utility services
  • Translation services
  • Perimeter and site security, video monitoring of public areas are included in the lease
  • Interior engineering and design services
  • Housekeeping services
  • Catering services

Travel directions

Address: Moscow, Otradnaya st., 2B

Management company name:
OJSC Refrigeration and Transportation Technologies Centre MOTEK-C

Web site:

Phone: 7 (495) 921 25 56

Otradnoye metro station, take the last car from the city centre. Exit the glass doors, turn right and go up the stairs on the right, towards Otradnaya street (see the directions sign). Go straight until the first traffic light. Cross the road and turn left. Walk along the metal fence. Then turn right in front of the concrete fence of the garage building.