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Technopark «Slava»

Technopark Slava is a rapidly growing technology parks that hosts over 60 small and medium-sized innovative companies on its grounds. The technopark was established at Vorontsovo industrial zone in the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow at the initiative and with the support of the Moscow City Government.
Technopark Slava includes nine industrial buildings with total floor area of 30,952.8 sq m built on a 2.8 hectare industrial land plot. Tenant companies establish and develop their high-technology businesses by opening labs and launching production.

Line of business

  • biomedical technologies, pharmacology, medical equipment and materials
  • energy conservation technologies, energy efficiency and energy security
  • nanotechnologies and nanomaterials
  • mechatronics and robotics
  • information and communication technologies
  • analytical equipment and control instruments


Transport Infrastructure

Profsoyuznaya st. (common road, 6 lanes); Obrucheva st. (common road, 6 lanes); Nauchny driveway (common road, 2 lanes)

Kolomenskoye station (passenger) of Paveletsk-bound spur of Moscow Railways

Engineering Infrastructure
Power supply
6 MW , 4.44 RUB/kW; 150 DN
Water supply
5 Gcal/hr , 53.08 RUB/m3
in Business Centre (conference hall, exhibition hall, meeting room)
Air conditioning
in Business Centre (conference hall, exhibition hall, meeting room)
Security alarm
Related infrastructure
  • Cafeteria
  • Café
  • Conference call
  • Printing office
  • catering
  • bank outlet
  • ATM
  • parking for 255 cars


Tax incentives for the management company

Concessionary property tax rate: 0

Tax incentives for anchor residents

Concessionary profit tax rate: 13,5%

Equipment and services

  • range of managerial
  • material technology
  • information
  • marketing
  • HR
  • consulting and organisational services
  • postal services (receipt, storage and delivery of correspondence)
  • printing office
  • services of Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials shared use centre
  • services of JSC Technopark Slava business centre (lease of conference hall, exhibition hall, meeting room)
  • translation and interpretation to 50 languages, editing, notary certification of translations, apostille and consular certification
  • legal services
  • electrical, plumbing, heating and other utility-related services
  • lease of instruments and equipment of other Technopark residents
  • cafe, dining facility, catering
  • garbage disposal services
  • cost: negotiable
List of equipment Equipment name Description Cost of use
Scanning tunneling microscope Scanning tunneling microscope 2E Umka • Specimen size 8 х 8 х (0.5÷4.0) mm
• Scanning field 6 х 6 ±1 micron
• Scan pitch in specimen plant in full field / in 1:10 mode : 0.08/0.008 nm
• Height window 1± 0.2 micron
• Vertical measurement pitch 0.02 nm
Lease of STM Umka: 500 RUB/hr
Operator: 1,000 RUB/hr
Atomic-force microscope Atomic-force microscope AIST-NT SmartSPM • surveys on specimens sized up to 40 х 40 mm across and up to 15 mm tall
• laser wavelength 1,300 nm
Lease of AFM: 2,000 RUB/hr
Operator: 1,000 RUB/hr
Particle size analyser Particle size analyser PA FastSizer 100 • Measured particle sizes: 5 nm – 5 micron
• Particle concentration in suspension: 1–60% vol.
• Quantity of suspension for measurement: 2–3 ml
• Band 1–100 MHz
800 RUB/specimen
Spectroellipsometer Spectroellipsometer Elf • Wavelength range 325 ÷ 1000 nm
• Thickness range 0.1 nm – 5 micron
• Angle of light 45° ÷ 90° with 5° pitch
• Microattachment for improved spatial resolution
Lease of Elf spectroellipsometer: 2,000 RUB/hr
Operator: 1,000 RUB/hr
Salt spray chamber Salt spray chamber Asсott • Chamber temperature: 20–55°С
• Salt spray condensation range: 0.5 to 5.0 ml per 80 cm² per hour
• Chamber volume: 120 l
Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometer SF-2000 • Wavelength range: 190–1,100 nm
• Spectral range: 1.0 nm
• Density range: 0.3–3.0
Lease of Spectrophotometer SF-2000: 500 RUB/hr
Operator: 1,000 RUB/hr
Ultrasonic technological devices Ultrasonic technological devices Volna • Power: 200/630/1,000 W
• Ultrasonic oscillation frequency: 22±1.65 kHz
1,050/1,100/1,200 RUB/hr
Multipurpose friction tester Multipurpose friction tester MTU-1 • Idle specimen rotation speed: 100–2,500 rpm (smooth speed change)
• Specimen hold-down pressure: 50–1,000 N
500 RUB/specimen
X-ray diffractometer X-ray diffractometer SmartLab (Rigaku Corporation, Japan) see data sheet Negotiable
Scanning electron microscope Scanning electron microscope Carl Zeiss Evo 50 Scanning electron microscope Carl Zeiss Evo 50 with accessory for X-ray energy dispersive microanalysis SDD IXRD systems Negotiable
Digital oscilloscope Digital oscilloscope GDS – 71042 see data sheet Negotiable
Thermal imager Thermal imager FLIR i3 see data sheet Negotiable
Laser machine Laser machine Bulat LRS-50 see data sheet Negotiable
Electrical installation tester Electrical installation tester Sonel MPI – 508 see data sheet Negotiable
3D printer 3D printer Picaso see data sheet Negotiable
Turn/mill machine Turn/mill machine YCM GT200MA see data sheet Negotiable
Engraving mill Engraving mill ISEL EuroMod MP45 see data sheet Negotiable
Industrial 3D printer Industrial 3D printer Fortus 400mc see data sheet Negotiable
Abrasive waterjet cutter Abrasive waterjet cutter Mach3-3020b (manufactured by Flow) see data sheet Negotiable
Industrial laser machine Industrial laser machine TLC-1005 (“TRUMPF”, Germany) see data sheet Negotiable

Travel directions

Address: Moscow, Nauchny driveway, 20, Bld. 2

Management company name:
JSC Technopark Slava

Web site:

Phone: 7 (495) 332 83 00

By public transport: Kaluzhskaya metro station, exit the first car from city center to Obrucheva st., then take any bus on Obrucheva st. to Zavod Spetssplavov bus stop (1, 163, 224, 235, 246, 41, 699), exit the bus and walk along Nauchny driveway until the turn to the premises of JSC Technopark Slava; By car: Drive on Obrucheva st. to the intersection with Nauchny driveway, then proceed to the turn to the premises of JSC Technopark Slava.