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Technopark «VTI»

VTI, first set up in the country in 1921, is a sectoral scientific research institute that is constantly at the centre of fundamental and applied knowledge in the fields of thermal energy and thermal technology; it has a modern experimental base and broad scientific contacts with Russian and foreign energy companies and scientific institutions. OAO VTI participates in the technical re-equipment of the energy sector, development, implementation and distribution of new technologies raising the reliability, durability and economical operation of power equipment and protection of the environment. OAO VTI is the organisational co-ordinator of the Technological Platform “Environmentally Clean, Highly Effective Thermal Energy.”

Line of business

  • Experimental and theoretical study of boiler processes
  • Enhancement of performance and operation of steam and gas turbine plants and power units
  • Assessment of environmental impact of heat power industry facilities
  • Development and improvement of water preparation and chemical water treatment technologies
  • Study of heat transfer properties of working fluids and materials used in energy industry
  • Study and assessment of useful life of metal used in boilers, turbines and pipelines
  • Study of physical and chemical characteristics and thermal properties of solid and liquid fuels
  • analysis of power plant fuel management
  • Industrial process automation in energy industry
  • Building technological foundation for future heat power industry
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5 etazhej, lift est', god postrojki 1932
10 etazhej, visota potolkov 4,00 m, lift est', god postrojki 1975 Srok dogovora: 11 mes.
10 etazhej, visota potolkov 4,00 m, lift est', god postrojki 1975 Srok dogovora: po soglasovaniu
10 etazhej, visota potolkov 4,00 m, lift est', god postrojki 1975 Srok dogovora: po soglasovaniu


Transport Infrastructure

Avtozavodskaya st. (3rd Ring Road) – 3 lanes each way. Leninskaya Sloboda st.– 1 lane each way

Avtozavodskaya metro station – 650 m

Engineering Infrastructure
Power supply
1.6 (max 1.8) MW/day , 4.71722 RUB/kWh, excl. VAT, for small consumers; 3.32601 RUB/kWh, excl. VAT, for large consumers
Water supply
250 m3/hr , 28.17 RUB/m3, excl. VAT
Heat supply
2 Gcal/hr , 131.81 RUB/Gcal*hr, excl. VAT
Air conditioning
Security alarm
Related infrastructure
  • Cafeteria
  • Gym
  • Conference call
  • Material Testing Common Knowledge Centre (
  • Study Centre
  • Postgraduate Centre
  • Teplotekhnik Test Centre (for equipment certification testing)
  • Experimental cogeneration plant

Equipment and services

  • Stress-rupture, creep and ageing testing, 50 RUB/hr
  • Impact bending testing 1100-3700* RUB/specimen
  • Tensile testing 1800-4600* RUB/specimen
  • Hot hardness testing 4500 RUB/specimen
  • Room temperature hardness testing 2300-5200*RUB/specimen
  • Chemical and phase analysis 4600-10400
  • Use of fluorescent stereomicroscope 1200 RUB/hr
  • Thin section manufacture 4100 RUB/specimen
  • Use of electron scanning microscope 7000 RUB/hr
  • Non-destructive testing of equipment custom price
  • Buehler AbrasiMatic 300 abrasive cutter
  • Buehler IsoMet 4000 precision saw
  • SimpliMet 1000 shrink fitting press
  • AutoMet 250 automatic grinder/polisher
  • VibroMet 2 automatic vibratory polisher
  • Leica DMI 5000M optical inverted microscope
  • CarlZeissSteREOLumar.V20 (Discovery) fluorescent stereomicroscope
  • NEOPHOT-32 metallograph
  • TESCAN VEGA 3 LMН electron microscope
  • Stress-rupture and creep testers 2330 CC-230
  • Stress-rupture and creep testers AIMA-5
  • TiniusOlsenSuper L60 universal hydraulic testing machine
  • Instron model 5982 static testing machine
  • Instron 450MPX impact tester
  • Affri Integral 5 universal automatic hardness tester
  • Wolpert-Wilson 450SVD Vickers hardness tester
  • Affri DMI automatic microhardness tester
  • BRUKER G4 ICARUS HF carbon and sulphur analyser
  • Q4 TASMAN CCD-based optical emission spectrometer
  • S1 TITAN SPX handheld X-ray fluorescent analyser
  • UNICO 2100UV spectrophotometer
  • SPECTRAL 200 grinder
  • ROTOR-K hardware complex
  • DIO-562 ultrasonic flaw detector
  • TEMP-4K portable compact electronic hardness tester

Travel directions

Address: Moscow, Avtozavodskaya st., 14

Management company name:
OJSC All-Russia Thermal Engineering Institute (OJSC VTI)

Web site:

Phone: 7 (495) 956 00 33

Third Ring Road, Avtozavodskaya st., Avtozavodskaya metro station, First Gate bus stop