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Technopark «Moscow»

Technopolis Moscow is a specialised territory for the development of high technology industries located in close proximity to the city centre.
The mission of Technopolis Moscow is to develop the innovation ecosystem of Moscow by creating favourable conditions for local and international hi-tech companies.
Technopolis Moscow includes over 340,000 sq m of industrial space with the appropriate infrastructure as well as its own customs station and congress centre.

Line of business

  • Advanced materials and nanotechnologies
  • Medical technologies, equipment and biopharma
  • Microelectronics
  • Optics
  • Robotics and industrial controls
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Other hightech production
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Innovative laboratory and industrial building
2 etazha, visota potolkov 11,00 m, lifta net

48000000 rub. per sq.m.

48000000 rub. per sq.m.

2 etazha, visota potolkov 7,00 m, lifta net

48000000 rub. per sq.m.

2 etazha, visota potolkov 7,00 m, lifta net

48000000 rub. per sq.m.

2 etazha, visota potolkov 7,00 m, lifta net

48000000 rub. per sq.m.

2 etazha, visota potolkov 7,00 m, lifta net

48000000 rub. per sq.m.


Transport Infrastructure

Technopolis Moscow is located close to Volgogradsky prospekt (7 lanes, including one reversible lane), 2 km from the 3rd Ring Road (8 lanes) and 10 minutes from the Garden Ring (10 lanes) – in light traffic.

The technopolis is located in close proximity to the Kursk-bound railroad. The Tekstilshchiki passenger platform is within easy reach from the technopolis site (5-minute walk). Also, Tekstilshchiki metro station is a 5-minute walk from the technopolis.

Engineering Infrastructure
Power supply
60 MW , 3.40 RUB/kWh; 1,153 m3/day
Water supply
127 Gcal/hr , 38.89 RUB/m3, excl. VAT
Ventilation and air conditioning system in Building 13
Air conditioning
Ventilation and air conditioning in office Building 13 only
Security alarm
Installed in public spaces of the production building
Related infrastructure
  • Cafeteria
  • Café
  • Customs station
  • Logistics centre
  • Printing office
  • Garbage disposal
  • Parking
  • Postal services
  • Construction supervision services
  • Equipment storage
  • Safe storage
  • Registration of lease contract
  • Technical Inventory Bureau measurements
  • Transport services (electric car/porter)
  • Congress centre
  • Technology museum
  • IP telephony and Wi-Fi
  • Open Information Hub (communication services): Use of all available communication service provider
  • Clustering of remote sites into corporate network
  • Elaboration of other communication matters on site of the technopolis


Tax incentives for the management company

Concessionary profit tax rate: 15,5

Concessionary property tax rate: 0

Tax incentives for anchor residents

Concessionary profit tax rate: 13,5%


Льготная ставка по налогу на прибыль (региональный бюджет): 0%

Льготная ставка по налогу на прибыль (федеральный бюджет): 2%

Льготная ставка по налогу на землю: 0%

Льготная ставка по налогу на транспорт: 0%

Concessionary property tax rate: 0%

Equipment and services

  • Accounting services
  • Legal services
  • Visa and migration paperwork
  • HR services
  • Intellectual property centre
  • Customs and finance company
  • Acquisition of permits and licenses
  • Postal services
  • Housing services
  • Video conference room
  • Marketing services

Travel directions

Address: Moscow, Volgogradsky prospekt, 42, Bld. 13

Management company name:
State Unitary Enterprise Stroyexprom

Web site:

Phone: 7 (495) 647 08 18

By metro: Tekstilshchiki station is a three-minute walk from the site. Board the last car from the city centre. Go up the stairs, turn right after the turnstiles and walk to the end of the pedestrian tunnel. Exit the tunnel and go straight along the colored crosswalk. Turn right and walk along the passage under construction until you reach Building 13. By car: the site is located 2 km from the 3rd Ring Road. Take the exit from Volgogradsky prospekt to Shosseynaya st. Drive approximately 20 m on Shosseynaya st. and turn right at the intersection with a traffic light. Drive 300 meters and turn left under the gate near the 4-story building with the Technopolis Moscow logo on the roof, then proceed to the parking area.