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Connecting to engineering networks

Obtaining a certificate for connection to electrical grids

Time frame :

5 working days

Form of receipt :

  • At WEB site

Cost :

Free of charge

Regulatory framework :

  • Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 35-FZ dated  March 26, 2003 “On electric power industry”;
  • Federal Law No. 63-FZ dated April 6, 2011 “On electronic signature”;
  • Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Decree of the Russian Government No. 861 dated December 27, 2004 “On approval of rules for non-discriminatory access to electric energy supply services and for provision of those; rules for connection of power receivers of electric power consumers, electric energy production facilities, and electric grid facilities owned by grid organizations and other entities to electrical grids";
  • Decree of the Russian Government No. 955 dated August 9, 2017 “On determining utility connection service specificity for capital structures in Moscow Region, Moscow and St. Petersburg in electronic form, in 2017 - 2018";
  • Decree of the Moscow Government No. 23-PP dated February 7, 2012 “On access of individuals, including those registered as individual entrepreneurs, and legal entities to “personal account” subsystem of state information system "Moscow portal of state and municipal services (functions)”;
  • Order of the Russian Ministry of Construction No. 236/pr dated April 19, 2018 “On approval of forms for unified applications submitted via regional portals of state and municipal services in order to obtain technical conditions, to conclude agreements for capital structures utility connection, and to obtain utility connection certificates (applicable to Moscow and the Moscow Region), and a suggested list of data and documents to be attached thereto”;
  • Order of the Russian Federal Security Service No. 796 dated December 27, 2011 “On approval of requirements for electronic signature means and requirements for certifying center means”.
  • Order of the Russian Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service No. 212 dated April 7, 2008 “On approval of procedure for issuing operation authorizations to power plants”;

Phone :

  • +7 (800) 700-40-70
  • +7 (495) 657-91-01

Address :

  • ul. Vavilova 7B, Moscow 
  • Raushskaya nab. 8, Moscow

Recipients :

  • Individuals
  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Legal entities