40 bn RUB of private investment in road construction
Life cycle contracts:
434,8 bn RUB is the value of contracts over the past few years for acquiring and maintaining rolling stock for the Moscow Metro system
Preferential rent:
113 real estate facilities have been passed to businesses on condition of investment
Transfer hubs:
251 are to be constructed in Moscow

In 2011, Moscow established its Moscow City Investment Agency for attracting investments. The Agency provides “one-stop-shop” assistance for investment projects, promotes both in Russia and abroad the investment opportunities offered by Moscow, works through the economic and legal conditions for implementing investment projects, including those based on public-private partnership, and introduces mechanisms for improving the investment climate.

Among the Agency’s projects are construction of the Northern Bypass for Kutuzovsky Avenue (Moscow’s first road construction concession), life cycle contracts for purchase and maintenance of new generation carriages for the Moscow Metro, constructing transfer hubs and concluding lease contracts with investment obligations in the social sphere.

The Agency operates Moscow’s Investment portal and provides assistance and development services for the portal. The Agency also maintains the portal’s Direct Line for direct communication between investors and the Moscow City Government. In addition, the Agency looks for applicants eligible for support measures for existing industrial enterprises; the Agency also prepares, launches and assists in implementing new investment projects eligible to apply for support measures while still in the inception stage.