The Moscow City Investment Agency (Agency) was established with a view to raising investments and promoting and implementing projects that are deemed to have a high priority for the city. To this end, the Agency provides one-stop shop support for investment projects, develops economic and legal terms and conditions for the implementation of projects consistent with the interests of the city and investors, monitors and controls the implementation of investment projects, and introduces framework measures to improve the investment climate.

The basic idea behind the Agency is to develop existing – and introduce new – forms of cooperation with business and improve the investment process by increasing interaction between the executive authorities and the business community.

The main activities of the Agency include:

  • Support for investors throughout the entire project implementation cycle — from the investment concept to the project’s completion. To this end, the Agency has established offices to support and implement projects in specific investment areas.
  • Comprehensive development of legal and economic parameters for the implementation of infrastructure investment projects pursued on a public–private partnership (PPP) basis in order to identify the best pattern for distributing risks and serving the interests of the city and the private partner.
  • Bringing investors and leading Russian and international financial organisations and development institutions together in order to use their potential and capabilities to finance and support investment projects.
  • Presentation of the investment potential of Moscow in Russia and abroad in various media formats, as well as at exhibitions, forums, conferences, road shows and workshops.

Priority investment areas:

The Agency’s mission is to raise investments in socially significant projects that are traditionally financed from the federal budget, including healthcare, education, sports and urban infrastructure. The Agency also focuses on large resource-intensive projects, including transport, municipal economy, the redevelopment of industrial areas, and the beautification of the urban landscape.

Some examples of projects supported by the Moscow City Investment Agency include:

  • Granting concession rights for the reconstruction and operation of City Clinical Hospital No. 63
  • Construction of the Northern Relief Road of Kutuzovsky Avenue;
  • Supply and maintenance of underground (metro) cars on lifecycle contract terms;
  • Raising private investments to help set up schools and preschools
  • Raising private investments to help establish the “Doctor Nearby” primary health care stations
  • Raising private investments for the reconstruction of cultural heritage sites in Moscow
  • Construction of toll-based overpasses in Moscow
  • Construction of transport hubs
  • Launching passenger services on the Moscow Small Ring Railway
  • Redevelopment of the areas of the former ZIL and Serp i Molot plants, as well as the areas of the Mnevnikovskaya and Nagatinskaya Poimas
  • Development of the Zaryadie Park area
  • Comprehensive development of the Luberetskiye Fields area, etc. 

In 2014, the Agency became the operator of the Moscow Investment Portal – the information and communication platform for investors. As part of its efforts to develop and manage the portal, the Agency provides access for entrepreneurs to the city’s unified commercial showcase and provides relevant information about various aspects of doing business in Moscow, investment priorities and state support for certain business activities. It also maintains a reliable communication channel between business and the Moscow Government.

Decree on the Establishment of the Moscow City Investment Agency