If you want to submit an application for inspecting the subject of a tender: 

 1. Go to the “Tender” section


 2. Select a facility


 3. Click on “Submit application” and then on “Submit application for inspection” in the dropdown menu.  

 4. Read the requirements on potential purchasers during a real estate inspection.  


 5. Select the date and time period (first or second half of the day) in the unfolding menu “Schedule” (the possibility for selecting the schedule date will depend on the tender organiser).  


6. The application will show in the Applications section of your account, where you can track its status.


7. After your application is reviewed, a message will be sent about an employee being made responsible for arranging the viewing.


8. The employee in charge will contact you to choose a convenient time for the viewing. The selected date and time will show in your account and will also be emailed to you.


9. Once the viewing is complete, a message will be sent confirming that the viewing has taken place.