Online services

Submitting an application to inspect the subject of a tender

The service allows an online application to be submitted
for inspecting facilities put up for tender by the city whenever convenient.

You may register for inspecting the subject of a tender in the facility file, “Tender” section. The service is available on the Investportal in online mode. The opportunity to file an application for inspection will save you time and simplify your participation in the tender procedures.

Submitted applications will be shown on your User Account, “Applications” section, where you may also track their status. After the application is submitted, you will be contacted to agree a convenient time and date for the inspection. If necessary, you may also recall your application in your User Account, “Applications” section. You may assess the quality of the service for submitting applications to inspect the subject of a tender through your User Account.

Step-by-step instructions for submitting an application to inspect the subject of a tender.