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The Inter-Industry Consumer Council for Natural Monopoly Activities (hereinafter - the Consumer Council) is a collegial body created to ensure the public control over the natural monopoly activities in Moscow, to take into account the opinions of consumers of the natural monopolies goods and services when setting prices (tariffs) for those, as well as to ensure the maximum openness of decision-making regarding the investment programs, the establishment of prices (tariffs) for the Moscow natural monopolies goods and services.

The Consumer Council was created in September 2015 to represent the consumers’ interests, including in the Regional Energy Commission (REC). After the REC authorities were transferred to the Moscow Department of Economic Policy and Development, the Regulations on the Consumer Council were amended, and the new Council members were appointed (as approved by order of the Moscow Government # 416-RP dated 15.08.2016).

The Consumer Council included the representatives of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, public and business organizations, consumers, as well as the representatives of the expert community. In September 2016, the first meeting of the new Consumer Council members was held.