Major advantages for investors:

Healthcare Cr

  1. Growing market and high solvent demand: growth of the paid healthcare market is 16% a year;
  2. The Moscow market for healthcare services is attractive not only for Moscow residents, but for other regions’ residents too;
  3. Potential to redirect the flow of outbound medical tourism (treatment at home instead of abroad), and over the long term – to develop inbound medical tourism;
  4. Availability of a qualified workforce;
  5. Support measures for private investors

Structure of healthcare investment sources in 2012-2016

Source: “Metropolitan Healthcare” State programme for Moscow.

Major benefits for the city:

  1. Development of competition between the private and state segments, improvement of quality and reduction in prices;
  2. Attraction of foreign investors with competencies which are lacking or insufficient in Moscow;
  3. Development of «nearby» healthcare offices with convenient working hours;
  4. Integrated reconstruction of existing institutions, extending access for Muscovites to high-grade hi-tech medical services.


Investment proposals and support measures:

«Doctor Nearby» project:Current tenders

  1. Term of lease: 20 years;
  2. Lease purchase at auctions;
  3. Transition to reduced leasing rate of RUB 1 sq.m. of the facility area per year subject to confirmation of launching medical services at compulsory health insurance rates;
  4. In addition to compulsory health insurance, investor will have the right to provide additional paid services;
Regulatory framework:
  • Moscow Government Decree No. 100-ПП “On implementing the pilot project «Doctor Nearby» dated February 25, 2013.
Land auctions: Current tenders
  • Provision of a land plot to investors on a leasehold basis for construction of a medical institution
  • In total, no facilities have been delivered up to date; in the near future it is planned to offer 1 facility for bids [figures are either entered manually or uploaded automatically from municipal projects].
Concession agreements:
  • Bidding terms are for every facility on an individual basis. Common approach: long-term (49 years), determination of type and scope of services provided under mandatory medical insurance (% of total scope of provided services or in natural terms), single concessional payment.
  • Up to date, a concession agreement has been concluded for reconstruction and further provision of medical services in Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 63. New tenders for the right to make concessional agreements for other facilities are being prepared.

Investment ideas

If you have any investment ideas and you want details on current bids, please refer to: